Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This week, as part of my writing I am going to write about Fathers Day. As you know, My title is about Valentines. “You might be asking” what does Fathers Day makes you put Valentines as your title. Well the reason why, was because for Fathers Day we went out for dinner. Will this is how it all played out.

Waking up, early in the morning, rushing to my dad saying HAPPY FATHERS DAY! “He said back with a lost voice thank you son” So I said, tonight is the night dad. ‘He said ok. So I waited until it was getting dark. “Yay” I said to myself, it’s dark now.  Get ready dad we are going. “Dad said back where” so I told him where we were going. So he got dress and off we went to where all of our little friends were.

As we arrived, my tummy started to rumble. “Mmmm” I said to myself, I hope my BIG FRIEND is in side.
So I walked up the ramp and opened the door. Off I went inside. And there it was Butter Chicken, Hot chips and Beef and rice. Walked over to where the Plate and spoons were and got one of each. So then I walked over to where my big yummy friends were, I cupped and cupped my favourites. So then I zig zagged across the room till I got to my table. You dear, I said, are you ready to go into my mouth, Well you are. Took my spoon and stuck it into my Beef and rice then into my mouth. “YUMMYYYY”

My tummy was very fool and I was tired at the sametime. I wanted to go home, but we had one more thing to do, which was to go to the movies. “Lets go now my mum said”. Are we going home now “I said” No we are going to the movies. I said can you drop me off to aunt's house please. No we all have to go so I said ok.

After all of that, we finally got home. I jumped into bed and fell asleep. The next day I woke up, Went in to the lounge and sat down. Mum came out and said don’t you have school. I said yea but I don’t wanna go, well you have to now get in the shower. I walked to the bath and hop in and washed myself. I came out and stuck on my uniform, Grabbed my lunch and walk out the door. Good bye mum I said.

Thanks to Ramona for all of her help.

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