Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Extremely holiday!

←This is what Willow park looks like.

On the first week of the school holidays which was on a Monday we went to riverside camp.When we got there we were put into our groups.After that we went up stairs to look for our cabin. Our cabin number was 8 and seven people in my cabin to.

On the second week of my school we went to the pools at panmure. It was so cool My brother Frankie said. So me and my family went into the inside pools were it was nice and warm and my brother said that's more better.

My holiday was extremely cool and I had fun at camp and at the pools with my family.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creative Logical, Solve a problem!

This Morning our class Room 22 did something different to what we usually do for the morning. Which involed logical and creative thinking.

We were put into groups of threes I was with Awhina, Maree. Our problem was, You are out at sea and your boat has started to leak. What will you do? We were given random object a bowl, box, leaf, chair and a hammer.

Our group decided to use the bowl to take out the water out of the boat. Take the nails out of the chair then take it a part and put the flat part of the chair and put it where the leak is. Then rip the box up and lay it down on the flat part of the chair then nail it down to stop the leak of the boat.

After we told everyone our teacher Ms Tito said that our group SUCCEED and I was smiled.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My wonderful week this term!!!

"Wow" what a wonderful week we had this term being so busy for the production and all so getting ready for the school holidays.

For the last week of school I have be so busy learning my moves for the school production. The school production is called Webzidazical Don't get caught. The groups that I am in is fakebook, Percussion and Nurser Rhythm.

This week is our final week of school for this term and it is getting close to being school holidays. What I really liked about this term is having lots of fun learning about the world cup and also learning about each country.

I really can't wail till next term is because we are going to have more fun and more things to do. I really enjoy this week.