Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Disappointing Volleyball Trials.

This week, as part of my writing, I am going to write about Disappointing Volleyball Trials. “You might be asking” Why does your title start with disappointing .
Well this is why, I tried out for our school volleyball team. And guess what..... The story goes on.

Last week, My teacher Mr.Barks held volleyball trials for anyone who wanted to play for the school in a tournament. Our trials was held in the school hall with our school sport co-ordinator and Mr. Barks. It was really fun and not only that funny.

As soon as, I got on the court I was happy. The ball came over to me, I toss it up and let other players hit the ball over the net. “YEAH” I said, with a big happy  face. We got a goal.... That was the last play, so we could hear if we made it or not. I couldn't wait to hear if I made the team. Mr.Barks called out the names that made it, but I didn’t hear my name. I was so so upset.
The next day, I came to school, and went and had another look on the team list. I still didn’t see my name. I was about to cry.

Tuesdays and Thursday  lunchtime is volleyball practice for those who made the team. I wanted to go but I didn’t make the team. I really enjoy playing volleyball.
Thanks to Cael for proof reading my writing.

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