Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Term....

WOW" what a great term we have had. This term was a great term because we
were a signed to different classroom only in our intermediate. As we were a signed they
we were ask to get a pencil, you might be asking why do we have to have pencils. Well the reason why we had to get a pencil was because Art Alive is our school topic we are studying on it for the term.

For the past nine weeks Pt England student  been learning about Art Alive.
As the weeks went past the whole school had to come up with an Art that represent them. Well in room 18 and in the other intermediate class we had to come up where about in the school is our favourite place. After we have done all that we were asked to draw it on a A4 paper. As soon as we have done it on a A4 we moved on to a heavy paper.

What I really enjoy doing this term is Art and PEPA. Well Art to me is when I like to paint different kind of Art and get messe. But wait they is just one more thing I really enjoy.The thing I really ENJOY is PEPA. PEPA is (Pt England Performing Arts). If you are unsure what is PEPA is it is when Pt England student get involved in signing, Hip Hop and more as well as some students from Tamaki College.

What I was involved in this term. I was involved in so many things here at Pt England. The things I was involved was PEPA which I already explained. The next thing I was involved was sports, sports was a hole lots of fun. Then there was a whole lots of other things that got me into.

Term three here we come, next term I really can’t wait cause we will be studying about other thing. Well this is getting to the end of this term. One more day to go then we are on holiday only for two weeks.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Friday, June 22, 2012

PEPA 2012.

PEPA (Pt England Performing Art) Its term 2 of 2012 and we just finished performing twice in front of Pt England school year 1-6 and some of the students from our intermediate. That was the easy part, then there was a night performance at 7pm in front of a lot of people around the community and people that were from this school. Miss Muliaumasealii and Ms Nua are the BIG boss of the team this term. Students from Pt England were involved as was tamaki college students as well.

Well as part of PEPA 2012 I was involved in taking part of: PEPA choir. I didn’t have enough confidence for that but I know I had fun singing away. Then my confidence came I was not shy till I got on stage.

Thank you Miss Muliaumasealii, Ms Nua and everyone else that were involved with PEPA 2012. Thank you very, very much for helping me and some other students bring our dreams come true.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Favourite Place.

This term our senior school has been given
a project. The project we were given is to
find out where around the school is our favourite place.

Well this project was assigned by our
senior teachers in team 5. The reason why we are doing this kind of project is first of all it’s part of our topic this term, but wait there’s a bit more to come. This will also be shown to our community, and people out of
our community.

The equipment we were given was a camera
and our positive attitude. Once we given our equipment
we head off to where we think is our favourite place is. Off I went running with the camera, TIGHT in my hands,
to my favourite place.

Finally I got there. The camera went flashing away. " woohoo
" I said to myself running back with a big SMILE on my face to my class .I was ready to share my photo to my teacher.

What I felt about doing this project was it was fun running there
and running back. I hope we can do more of this project next time. It was a whole lot of fun. Thanks to Chelsea who help me edit my writing.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Tale of Despereaux...

In literacy. My group called Gates , is learning a novel called
The Tale of Despereaux. This book got me so interested that it
wanted me to read it so I did.

This novel book that I am about to tell you has 7 main characters.
But the main character in this novel is Despereaux. Well Despereaux
is a little mice that is played in this novel. Another main character
that acts in this novel is the princesse then there is the King. But they are not
the only characters in this story there is more. There is papa that is also played in this
story and lester that also acts in this story. Wait there's a bit more, Despereaux father and furlough. They are the characters in this novel story to.

“WOW” my favourite chapter has to be chapter 6-10.
Well the reason why i chose this chapter because it has very
good vocabulary and I think it hook me into it that why this has
to be my favourite chapter.

My feedback to our groups novel study about The Tale of
Despereaux is we need to learn a bit more on our meanings
and understanding.

What I felt reading about The Tale Of Despereaux is it got me into it
which made me very happy. But the sad part is we haven’t finish
reading the novel.

This was edited by Ngametua and I.

To Be Continued...