Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paralympics 2012.

This term, As part of our topic, We have been learning about the London Olympics. Well but in this story that I’m about to tell you, is similar to it but it is about paralympics.

“You might be asking what is paralympics” Well Paralympics is just like Olympics. But paralympics is for people that has something on their body that there have lost, ever since they were born.

paralympics is played in London this year so is Olympics. 
paralympics was brought to you by many people from all around the world who gave up they time to make this work. As my story goes on they will be something BIZARRE that you might hear of.

My feelings about the paralympics is really alright but at the sametime I can’t believe in something BIZARRE. The BIZARRE thing I can’t believe is wheelchair rugby. “WHEELCHAIR RUGBY” I said to myself, How in the world can they play that kind of sports. Well I have no idea how they can tackle in a wheelchair. Thanks to Jasmine for proof reading my hard work.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Intriguing Ceremony...

The London 2012 closing ceremony started at 9pm 12 August. If you didn’t know, that the London Olympics has finished, well here is all the news for you.

“You might be asking”? How come they had an closing ceremony. Well here is the story. The reason why there had an closing ceremony was to celebrate those who took part in each and one of the events.

As there were celebrating, Over 80,00000 people were watching at London even around the world “OMG” I said to myself.Well I thought that this will be a good idea to write about this since there will be another one for paralympics.Wish them good luck.

Well let’s get back to the closing ceremony. As they were celebrating, Fireworks were going everywhere but not just that.....flags representing our country’s.

My likes about the Olympics was everything. But the most outstanding events was shot put. Enjoying Valerie Adams play against others. I was also Disappointed how Adams didn’t get the “GOLD MEDAL” Then the news came Adams was very happy to hear what she got. Guess what she got? Her GOLD MEDAL. She was very happy.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best Friends Forever.

“Who is my Best Friend”? Well in my second to last post, I have wrote about this special person called Cael. As I go on, this piece of writing is all about Cael and I. This is how it laid out becoming best friends.

Well Cael and I, Meet last year, which was very not that long. She has only been here for four years, and I have been here for twelve years.“WOW” I said to myself, because I have been at this school for long....

Well, In our spare time, Cael and I loves to SING.... Singing, Is what Cael and I loves to do everyday. Everyday you will always hear me or Cael singing. But on the other hand, I love to sing the most.

This year, Cael and I have join Pt England Performing arts. In performing arts, we have chosen to sing, So every tuesday we will have parasites at lunch. I am glad to call you my best friend forever.Now it is getting to that end again, of closing off. I hoped you haven’t forgotten who is my Best friend in the “WORLD”

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Super Best Friend...


Your laughter makes me smile
Your skipping makes me laugh
But the best thing about you is.....

You're sweet just like strawberry
You’re cool like a watermelon
cuddly like a teddy bear
beautiful like a butterfly
in the sky
Shiny like a star
Bright as the moon
But most of all..... You’re like

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Friends.....

Making new friends....”was a big thing for me this year”. As a go on, I will be talking to you  about me and my new friends. I have a lot of friends this year so this might be a big piece of writing.

Hey, My name is David, but my friends call me little boo. The reason why my friends call me little boo, because I am short, and I am also there boo. That’s why I am call their little boo.
I also love to hang out with them on our break time. But in class I sometimes do my work, or I talk to the person right next to me.

“Would you love to meet my friends? Well if you do, just read on if you don’t just still read on. This is my first friend I meet ever since she  started this school..... Brooke is her name. She has be my friend for five and a half years. Brooke is so kind and helpful to others. THAT’S LONG RIGHT”. Well it still goes on. My next friend I meet was Cael. Cael and I, meet last year which was not that long, like Brooke. Cael, has be up there for me whenever I am in trouble. She is never like that, to my other friends. Last year, This new girl named Ngametua, That I didn’t know looked familiar to this person I knew. But guess what.... I was “RIGHT” she is the person that looked like someone that I knew. Ngametua is a great friend to me, and helpful to others just like Cael. This year, I meet another friend, her name is Ramona. Ramona cares of others and also loves to talk.

In our spare time, We all love to play together and also love to sing when we walk around. But there is one thing we all love to do is “TALK”. Talking is our main thing we do. That why I love my friends.
In class, We are all on task, That’s if we don’t sit next to each other. But TBH, if you don’t know what TBH means, it is To Be Honest. Well TBH I really don’t like to sit next to my friends when I do my work, Because I talk to them and get distracted from others.

Our favourite subjects in school is, Maths, Sports, Reading and also singing. Those are all of our favourite subjects. But the main subjects we love is Maths and singing.

Now it is coming to that end again of finishing my writing, A big huge thanks to my friends that has been there for me. I love being with my friends. And sorry if I didn’t tell you earlier, we are all in the same class. Here is a little poem for my friends.

I’ll always be beside you
until the very end
wiping all your tears away
being your best friend
I’ll smile when you smile
and feel all the pain you do
and if you cry a single tear
I’ll promise I’ll cry too.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Beep Test...

“Oh no the Beep test! I said to myself, looking at Mr Barks with a unhappy face. Me having “BUTTERFLIES” didn’t like it, I really didn’t want to do it, but that’s how life goes.. Here is how it all laid out.

Getting ready..... still with my butterflies attached to my tummy, I was upset because the beep test to me is running a lot up and down. But “GUESS WHAT” I was right when we started, it was up and down our school courts. “Gosh” I was getting very and very and very TIRED.

I was getting very tired so I dropped out. “You might be asking why? Well this is what happen, I was running, running and running at the same time didn’t want to give up but I had to. “NO” I said to myself, DON'T give up, because CHAMPIONS NEVER  EVER GIVEs UP.

Dropping out, was a huge thing for me. Waiting and waiting for the last person. Wanting to know what was my score. Finally it was getting to the end of known my score I was happy. As the last person drop out, I was waiting to hear what I got. My name was called out, I was excited to hear, David your score was level 3.1 seconds..... I was a bit happy, but at the same time upset .

Next time, I would love to do the Beep test again. But I think I can score a higher score than the score, I scored. Thanks to Miss Vaafusuaga, for inviting us to do this event.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Basket ball trails.

This term, as part of our topic, I have signed up for one of the Olympic sport but here at pt england. One of the olympic sport I have sign up was for Basketball. Basketball has given me an opportunity to play for our school in a tournament.

Last week, Friday was an opportunity for us boys and girls to go to Tamaki College rec-center. Tamaki has given us to use they own rec-center for our own basketball teams. We have been given a time to go down which was after our break. Off we went as a team down to Tamaki rec-center.

As we arrived, we were taken by one of our teachers that followed us into the rec. As we got in, we saw other schools from around our area trialling out for the basketball team, but we didn’t mind. So we got on with our trails, I was abit too shy because i’m not that kind of person that like to play sports, I the kind of person that likes to do dramer.

On the way back to school, I was so happy because I thought I was gonna be slag but I wasn’t. As I enter the school gates one of my friends asked me if I made the team, “I said back to them” No we haven’t got the the updates. So I said to myself I hope I make the team.

At last it got down to 12 gentlemens, I was one of them. Today was our fourth trial it went very well but it started to poor, but we were so lucky because... we were in the SCHOOL HALL.