Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Praying for Christchurch...

Dear heavenly father, please help those that pass away and help those that are homeless living in the park and help them to have more and more food and water. And make there homes come back to them.Please heavenly father make them feel how we feel and we hope that there home will be ready for them to have more and more fun with there family.

Please heavenly father make there homes come ture and the buildings will be done for them and please make them feel happy and give them some food which will come with water. And look out for those that are missing from there family and Please help the school to be build so the student will go back to school and will lean more and more work and will go back home and tell there mum and dad about there day at school.

Thank-you heavenly father for your help and please make there school to be build.I comment to you god is because to help Christchurch build more building so there can go work.And clean the parks where people were seeping in.