Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mihimihi 2012.

For my mihi this is what I am saying to my hole class on Friday 30th 2012.

Ko Maungarei te maunga.                                                         Mount Wellington is the mountain

Ko Tamaki te awa.                                                                     Tamaki is the river

Kei Glen Innes toku kainga noho                                              I stay in Glen Innes.

No Samoa/Tonga/Rarotonga/Aotearoa etc  ahau                     I come from _______________

Ko Pt England toku kura                                                           I go to ___________________school.

Ko __________ raua ko ___________  oku koro                     My grandfathers are ____________ and ______________.

Ko __________ raua ko ___________   oku kuia                     My grandmothers are ____________ and ________________

Ko __________ toku matua                                                       My father is ________________

Ko ___________toku whaea                                                     My mother is _______________

 ____________ oku tau.                                                          I am ___________ years old.

Ko ________________ taku ingoa.                                           My name is _______________

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

Fun Friday!!!

On Friday afternoon Room 18 and Room 16 , had a really good time down at Tamaki College. The senior student at Tamaki College  were assigned to a group of student , all groups had at least 3 student,  but sadly I forgot their names , next time I will remember when we go to Tamaki College. We had a go at this game were you had to get across the field without touching the ground and the only thing you could  use were 3 tyres and a tackling bag , and if one of your players touched the ground , you will be told to go back to the start . After that we were challenged by another group at the same game , but unfortunately we just Won the game! yee ha I was so happy because I was the only boy in our group.

Monday, March 5, 2012

'Miracle' US tornado toddler dies. Hope you liked it.

Here is a story that caught my eyes so bad, it is called 'Miracle' US tornado toddler dies.

This cute little baby called Angle Babcock was found alone dead after being
swept 16km by a tornado, which killed the rest of her family. Angle died at 11.10am
of a brain injury she had suffered when the tornado came through her and her family.
Angle was from New Pekin.

Angle’s parents were Joseph Babcock(Dad), Moriah Brough(Mum). Her little sister name was Kendall Babcock she was only 2 months  and her brother was Jaydon Babcock only 2 years of age.

Angle died in a children’s hospital in Louisville, after found alone in the field in indiana

What I felt reading this article was I felt sad about what happen and about Angle hole family passed. Rest in peace Family.

To Read more Please vist the title is called 'Miracle' US tornado toddler dies. Hope you liked it.