Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Burning Hot day.

On a hot sunny afternoon, sue and her sister Letitia was sitting on their home pouch in the hot sun. Sue and Laetitia decided to go down to eastern bay beach for a swim. Let’s go and have a good afternoon swim, "said Sue.

When their arrived, Laetitia and Sue forgot their togs. “Oops we have a problem said Laetitia” “What is it said Sue” We forgot our togs at home. We will need to ring mum and ask if she can drop off our togs and towel. “Ok suggested Sue” let’s get on and ring mum. So they rang mum.

At home mum’s phone rang, Hello Mary's speaking. Hey mum it me Sue, um can you please drop off  my togs and Laetitia’s please we forgot about it, it’s in my room on my bed. “Ok said mum I’m on my way”. “Ok bye mum said Sue”. Off mum went to drop off their togs.

As soon as mum gave their tog, Off their both went into the water. “Ahh that’s so much better, Letitia said” So their both had a great nice swim.

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