Friday, September 21, 2012

Youth In Sylvia Park. NO.2

What is Youth? Well youth is a program that can be a wonderful way to join younger children and even teenagers to meet and become one family. Some churches has small groups that may meet on a daily week or maybe even in the weekends, but it up to them.  As I go on, I will be talking to you  about my wonderful day at youth in Sylvia Park.

Youth was so much fun last week Friday. You might be asking, Where was your youth. Well my church youth was held in sylvia park in one of the most famous store... Jay Jays.
I really love going to Jay Jays, do you?

Well in the meantime, we were invited to go in Jay Jays to play a little game, called finders  keepers losers weepers, which means if we find one or more skeins or jumpers maybe a top we get to keep it. It was so much fun. I wish all of my friends were there to find some of their favourite clothes.

I had a great Friday last week. I wish we could do it again sometime this term. I hoped you enjoy what you have finish reading. Keep on visiting my blog for more interesting writing.
I would love to say a big thanks to Jay Jays for inviting us into your famous store. And another big huge thanks to our church for making this fun for us.

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