Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paralympics 2012.

This term, As part of our topic, We have been learning about the London Olympics. Well but in this story that I’m about to tell you, is similar to it but it is about paralympics.

“You might be asking what is paralympics” Well Paralympics is just like Olympics. But paralympics is for people that has something on their body that there have lost, ever since they were born.

paralympics is played in London this year so is Olympics. 
paralympics was brought to you by many people from all around the world who gave up they time to make this work. As my story goes on they will be something BIZARRE that you might hear of.

My feelings about the paralympics is really alright but at the sametime I can’t believe in something BIZARRE. The BIZARRE thing I can’t believe is wheelchair rugby. “WHEELCHAIR RUGBY” I said to myself, How in the world can they play that kind of sports. Well I have no idea how they can tackle in a wheelchair. Thanks to Jasmine for proof reading my hard work.

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