Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy to Unhappy.

Bula-vinaka, Kia orana and greetings to you all. This is a Piece of writing I have been working on throughout the week.

Once there lived a little boy named Austin. He lived with his Mother and Father. Austin was the only child in his family. They were very rich, there lived in a very small city. This city was located on one of the most famous city high beachers.

Later in the year, Austin heared that he was gonna have a little baby brother. Austin was so happy, he couldn't stop jumping up and down. Then his mother hear a crack in Austin’s leg.”OH NO” mum suggested.

Austin fell to the ground and cried, mum ran to Austin and gave him some help. Mum dialed 911.
The ambulance arrived. Austin was still crying. Both of the nurse helped Austin into the ambulance. Off there went to Harry Eden Hospital.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Bula Vinaka,Kia Orana and greetings to you all. This is my narrative writing about “BAD WEATHER TO CAMP”  

”So... are we still going suggested Noah”Yepp by the looks of It we are, his mum Alice said. Austin do you two have your gear ready I’ll need them right now so I can load it into the car, umm just give us a minute. “Ok said mum”

Let’s go now time is running out we will need to reach our destination in 1 hour. Ok we are rushing out now. “Oh no we have a problem, said mum”. What what mum what’s the problem. It’s RAINING really heavily suggested mum.

Mum turn off the car and said to the two boys we will need to postpone this came because of the weather. Noooooo I was looking forward to camp, Noah said. Well next week we will go said Austin. “OK it alright said Noah”.

So there went Inside and spent their morning drinking hot chocolate rather than driving in the ugly weather.  "Yummy said Austin".

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Burning Hot day.

On a hot sunny afternoon, sue and her sister Letitia was sitting on their home pouch in the hot sun. Sue and Laetitia decided to go down to eastern bay beach for a swim. Let’s go and have a good afternoon swim, "said Sue.

When their arrived, Laetitia and Sue forgot their togs. “Oops we have a problem said Laetitia” “What is it said Sue” We forgot our togs at home. We will need to ring mum and ask if she can drop off our togs and towel. “Ok suggested Sue” let’s get on and ring mum. So they rang mum.

At home mum’s phone rang, Hello Mary's speaking. Hey mum it me Sue, um can you please drop off  my togs and Laetitia’s please we forgot about it, it’s in my room on my bed. “Ok said mum I’m on my way”. “Ok bye mum said Sue”. Off mum went to drop off their togs.

As soon as mum gave their tog, Off their both went into the water. “Ahh that’s so much better, Letitia said” So their both had a great nice swim.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Guy Fawkes Night.

One late night, Joey and her friend christina was watching Mentalist well Joey’s mum went out to buy some guy fawkes for them. All their could hear was... “BOOM BOOM POW” goes the fireworks. Their both ran out and watched.

As their were watching Joey’s mother came home. “Yipee” Joey and Christina was YELLING.... “we got our fireworks” Nana. Joey’s mum went inside to get the lighter.

“Oh no mum said” girls we have a problem “What mum what Joey suggested” I forgot where I put the lighter. Mum can’t you just go to countdown and buy one. “Yeah I can but you two girls need to behave yourself well I’m gonne to countdown. I’ll be right back. Ok they're both said.

Off went mum. Later when mum came back from countdown she yelled out JOEY,CHRISTINA i’m back so Joey and Christina run down stair’s went outside. Mum gave them the lighter, well mum went inside to have a cup of coffee.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silly Sheep's.

One hot sizzling summer’s day, there was a little boy named Cheeky sheep.  Its had one was a cheeky sheep and had one other brother named Clumsy sheep.  They were both exploring the outdoors but one day they find themselves in double trouble.

The Higher Hills was a dangerous place to be there were goblins, dragons and thats where they went.  One goblin stopped them in their tracks and said “I sure do love sheeps” they ran as fast as they could wasting no time, Clumsy falling in a ditch and Cheeky climbing the rocks not reminding Clumsy was even where.

Clumsy cried for help ”HELP ME PLEASE”.  Cheeky glanced back at him and in the corner of his eye he saw a huge goblin with his tongue hanging on the side of his mouth.  Cheeky give Clumsy his hand saying “Grab my hand”.  And in no time they find each other landing face first into a stone hard road.

Created by Cael and David.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Upcoming Term.

As I walk through the school gates I was very please to see all my friends. We walk though the breeze I saw a sign. What does it say. I couldn't tell because it was in different letters. Ohhh, I said to myself it’s spells Toy Story.

I had a topic in my mind that I thought we would be learning about and guess what the topic I had in my mind? Healthy food. The reason why I thought we would be learning about healthy food was because, last term nearly everyone bring to school junk. That was the reason.

This term, I am looking forward to make toys or even try flying a kite that Mr. Barks has brought in. I can’t wait till everything.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Youth In Sylvia Park. NO.2

What is Youth? Well youth is a program that can be a wonderful way to join younger children and even teenagers to meet and become one family. Some churches has small groups that may meet on a daily week or maybe even in the weekends, but it up to them.  As I go on, I will be talking to you  about my wonderful day at youth in Sylvia Park.

Youth was so much fun last week Friday. You might be asking, Where was your youth. Well my church youth was held in sylvia park in one of the most famous store... Jay Jays.
I really love going to Jay Jays, do you?

Well in the meantime, we were invited to go in Jay Jays to play a little game, called finders  keepers losers weepers, which means if we find one or more skeins or jumpers maybe a top we get to keep it. It was so much fun. I wish all of my friends were there to find some of their favourite clothes.

I had a great Friday last week. I wish we could do it again sometime this term. I hoped you enjoy what you have finish reading. Keep on visiting my blog for more interesting writing.
I would love to say a big thanks to Jay Jays for inviting us into your famous store. And another big huge thanks to our church for making this fun for us.