Monday, July 11, 2011

Ngaina and David's design process writing.

For our topic we had to focus on the design process which was designing furniture out in the street because we need to Identify a problem out in the street.

Ngaina and I have been browsing on the Internet looking for funky shoes shelving.We decided to create some shelves for shoes, games, accessories and for our net book bags.

Generate Ideas....
To generate ideas we need to think of what colour we aregoing to use, what shape and what material.What you can use cardboard, wood and plastic.

In our next step we had to build a prototype so we can get an idea about what we are going to build.What Ngaina and I had came up with was to build shelves for out in the street.

What I felt about me and Ngaina prototype, was it is alright but i think we can make a better one then what we had made this term.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rugby league session 2011.

This is a slide show about our rugby league session that we done with the junior worrior.