Thursday, August 2, 2012

Basket ball trails.

This term, as part of our topic, I have signed up for one of the Olympic sport but here at pt england. One of the olympic sport I have sign up was for Basketball. Basketball has given me an opportunity to play for our school in a tournament.

Last week, Friday was an opportunity for us boys and girls to go to Tamaki College rec-center. Tamaki has given us to use they own rec-center for our own basketball teams. We have been given a time to go down which was after our break. Off we went as a team down to Tamaki rec-center.

As we arrived, we were taken by one of our teachers that followed us into the rec. As we got in, we saw other schools from around our area trialling out for the basketball team, but we didn’t mind. So we got on with our trails, I was abit too shy because i’m not that kind of person that like to play sports, I the kind of person that likes to do dramer.

On the way back to school, I was so happy because I thought I was gonna be slag but I wasn’t. As I enter the school gates one of my friends asked me if I made the team, “I said back to them” No we haven’t got the the updates. So I said to myself I hope I make the team.

At last it got down to 12 gentlemens, I was one of them. Today was our fourth trial it went very well but it started to poor, but we were so lucky because... we were in the SCHOOL HALL.

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