Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Friends.....

Making new friends....”was a big thing for me this year”. As a go on, I will be talking to you  about me and my new friends. I have a lot of friends this year so this might be a big piece of writing.

Hey, My name is David, but my friends call me little boo. The reason why my friends call me little boo, because I am short, and I am also there boo. That’s why I am call their little boo.
I also love to hang out with them on our break time. But in class I sometimes do my work, or I talk to the person right next to me.

“Would you love to meet my friends? Well if you do, just read on if you don’t just still read on. This is my first friend I meet ever since she  started this school..... Brooke is her name. She has be my friend for five and a half years. Brooke is so kind and helpful to others. THAT’S LONG RIGHT”. Well it still goes on. My next friend I meet was Cael. Cael and I, meet last year which was not that long, like Brooke. Cael, has be up there for me whenever I am in trouble. She is never like that, to my other friends. Last year, This new girl named Ngametua, That I didn’t know looked familiar to this person I knew. But guess what.... I was “RIGHT” she is the person that looked like someone that I knew. Ngametua is a great friend to me, and helpful to others just like Cael. This year, I meet another friend, her name is Ramona. Ramona cares of others and also loves to talk.

In our spare time, We all love to play together and also love to sing when we walk around. But there is one thing we all love to do is “TALK”. Talking is our main thing we do. That why I love my friends.
In class, We are all on task, That’s if we don’t sit next to each other. But TBH, if you don’t know what TBH means, it is To Be Honest. Well TBH I really don’t like to sit next to my friends when I do my work, Because I talk to them and get distracted from others.

Our favourite subjects in school is, Maths, Sports, Reading and also singing. Those are all of our favourite subjects. But the main subjects we love is Maths and singing.

Now it is coming to that end again of finishing my writing, A big huge thanks to my friends that has been there for me. I love being with my friends. And sorry if I didn’t tell you earlier, we are all in the same class. Here is a little poem for my friends.

I’ll always be beside you
until the very end
wiping all your tears away
being your best friend
I’ll smile when you smile
and feel all the pain you do
and if you cry a single tear
I’ll promise I’ll cry too.


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