Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Intriguing Ceremony...

The London 2012 closing ceremony started at 9pm 12 August. If you didn’t know, that the London Olympics has finished, well here is all the news for you.

“You might be asking”? How come they had an closing ceremony. Well here is the story. The reason why there had an closing ceremony was to celebrate those who took part in each and one of the events.

As there were celebrating, Over 80,00000 people were watching at London even around the world “OMG” I said to myself.Well I thought that this will be a good idea to write about this since there will be another one for paralympics.Wish them good luck.

Well let’s get back to the closing ceremony. As they were celebrating, Fireworks were going everywhere but not just that.....flags representing our country’s.

My likes about the Olympics was everything. But the most outstanding events was shot put. Enjoying Valerie Adams play against others. I was also Disappointed how Adams didn’t get the “GOLD MEDAL” Then the news came Adams was very happy to hear what she got. Guess what she got? Her GOLD MEDAL. She was very happy.

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