Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Bula Vinaka,Kia Orana and greetings to you all. This is my narrative writing about “BAD WEATHER TO CAMP”  

”So... are we still going suggested Noah”Yepp by the looks of It we are, his mum Alice said. Austin do you two have your gear ready I’ll need them right now so I can load it into the car, umm just give us a minute. “Ok said mum”

Let’s go now time is running out we will need to reach our destination in 1 hour. Ok we are rushing out now. “Oh no we have a problem, said mum”. What what mum what’s the problem. It’s RAINING really heavily suggested mum.

Mum turn off the car and said to the two boys we will need to postpone this came because of the weather. Noooooo I was looking forward to camp, Noah said. Well next week we will go said Austin. “OK it alright said Noah”.

So there went Inside and spent their morning drinking hot chocolate rather than driving in the ugly weather.  "Yummy said Austin".

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