Friday, July 20, 2012

Physical Challenge.

This term, here at Pt England, we will be hosting a Cross Country race where our house colours and ages will compete in running. Well as I go on, I will be asking you some questions and will be talking about my Physical Challenge.

Well, my goal for this term is to run around the school fields and run around at home. You also might ask why I am doing this challenge. The reason why I have come up with this challenge is because here at Pt England as I told you, we will be hosting a cross country race, and I want to do well.

How I am going to do this challenge? Well I think this challenge will be very difficult. Well during the weekends, I will be running around the block, back and forth. At school I haven't started running around the school field yet, but I already know that I will do very well when it come to cross country.

Why is RUNNING my goal? Running is my goal because I really want to be fit. As this week went past, I was thinking, what could be my challenge be? “RUNNING” just came to my mind, “Yep,” I said to myself, "running is the best thing for me." I know that if I work hard, I will do great.

Thanks to Tule for helping me with my spelling check.

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