Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back To School.

"early this morning" my mum woke me up", get ready for school" she said", I said back to her it is "NEXT WEEK". SO I went back to sleep until 8.30am then my little brother woke me up and said it school so I got up and got ready, got my lunch then I left home.

As I walked through the school gates my friends ran up to me and said hi, I said to them I thought that there was no school till next week. So we walked to class as a group, waiting for the BELL to go. Finally the bell went, I walked into the classroom and saw what we will be studying for the term.  

For the term, We will be learning about the Olympics 2012 in

London. Well but here at Pt England, we have just finished having a great start to the term. We have been finding about different sports that are involved in the olympics this year.

As the term kicked off I have been on a little journey to London.
The journey I went on, was about what will interest me and why. What I was interested in seeing was the London eye. Well the reason why I choose the London eye cause it caught my eyes, And has a nice round oval shape and is right next to a sea.

What Inspired me was the London eye. The London eye inspired me because of the way it has been done and at night, lights come on during the ride. But there is one more thing that inspired me the most " THE SEA". I look forward to learning more about the Olympics.

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