Friday, May 20, 2011

My Taonga Time Reflection.

Every Friday mornings for about an hour and a half, the Year seven and eight classes have Taonga time. Taonga time is a Maori name for treasure.

What I do for Taonga time is Sport with Mrs Va'afusuaga. We play fair games and we never put people down like "you lost and we won" ha ha ha. If we lose we lose and if we win, we win.

What I most like about Taonga time is that we get to know what teachers
have planned for us. My new group is cool because I really like playing sport.
In my group we have fun and lots of laughs because if we lose a game, we have to do some rapping, dancing or singing in our groups.

Next week, we're going to film ourselves doing some rugby drills to share on our new sports blog. I can't wait!

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